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I am an experienced instructor who has taught over 50 undergraduate and graduate courses. Regardless of the subject, I have received positive reviews from students and faculty alike. For example, in a faculty evaluation form, one student at New York University said “He was very engaging, so everyone wanted to participate. He didn't force you, too, so it made students more relaxed and open to participating as opposed to scrambling to guess answers they didn't know. He also always thought about how we arrived at our answers even if they weren't necessarily correct. By far the best Professor I've had at NYU.” Another at Pace University said, “Eric Osborne is an engaging and compassionate professor who pushed us to excel but was certainly not heartless in regards to some of the difficulties we faced as students during a pandemic. Great instructor overall and was always available for office hours and was very happy to walk students through more complicated subjects if we did not feel like we fully understood them.” To see the full collection of my teaching evaluations, see here.

Undergraduate Teaching Experience

Applied Econometric Methods (x1)

Development Economics (x1)

Environmental Economics (x3)

Introduction to Econometrics (x5)

Natural Resource Economics (x4)

Principles of Macroeconomics (x12)

Principles of Microeconomics (x15)

Money and Banking (x1)

Quantitative Analysis and Forecasting (x6)

Sports Economics (x2)

Graduate Teaching Experience

Time Series Analysis (x2)

Microeconomic Analysis (x2)

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